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Rüssli Architects is an architectural company based in Lucerne, Switzerland. A team of experts works on developing and planning challenging construction projects for both public and private clients, both domestically and internationally. Rüssli Architects has received numerous awards for their competent and innovative construction work.The team at Rüssli Architects not only creates new residential and commercial buildings but also provides planning studies for individual properties as well as complete urban planning concepts. Additionally, participation in public competitions and studies is an essential part of Rüssli Architects’ professional activities.

The company was founded in 1964 by Walter Rüssli. After years of engagement in the United States, Justin Rüssli joined the company as a partner in 1996 and then took over the management of the company in 2004.Rüssli Architects maintains a partnership with the internationally renowned agency Steven Holl Architects from New York. This partnership realizes numerous new architectural competitions and projects, with a special focus on projects in Europe.

Crafting Dreams
into Reality

King’s Fountain complex is located on the slopes of Dedinje, in a peaceful part of the city, and the lush greenery surrounding the complex ensures additional tranquility and shelter from the city hustle. The complex spans an area of 10,528 square meters and includes 100 luxury apartments. The complex is divided into residential units that range from one-bedroom to four-bedroom apartments, and with each purchased apartment, you become the owner of a garage parking space.

During the construction of the King’s Fountain complex, materials of the highest quality were used, and another benefit of buying an apartment within this complex is the possibility of moving into a fully furnished apartment. The apartments in the King’s Fountain complex represent an ideal place to start a new life, as well as a promising option for a secure investment. In the brochure below, you can find more detailed information about the benefits of each individual apartment.

Investor Spotlight:
The Strategic Mind
Behind our Project

Jan Schoch, CEO Jan Group AG
Jan Schoch, the Founder and CEO of Anova Service AG, is a renowned entrepreneur and investor with a successful track record of building and leading innovative financial companies.

Prior to founding Anova Service AG in December 2020, Jan co-founded and served as CEO of Anova Partners AG, a new investment management Fintech based in Switzerland, from April 2018 to December 2020. Before that, Jan was the Founder and CEO of Leonteq AG, a Zurich-based financial firm. Under Jan’s leadership, Leonteq AG grew to become a major player in the financial industry, with 550 employees in 9 countries including Switzerland, England, France, Germany, Monaco, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan.
Despite launching the company during the financial crisis, Jan Schoch successfully navigated the challenging market environment and grew Leonteq AG into a multi-billion CHF enterprise. In 2017, Jan oversaw a successful turnaround of the company, with a return to profitability and doubling the stock market value.

Jan Schoch is widely recognized as the founder and inventor of EFG Financial Products and Leonteq AG, and for pioneering the innovative business model that underpins the success of these companies. Jan’s expertise in finance, investment management, and entrepreneurship has earned him a reputation as a leading voice in the financial industry.