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The rich offering of the complex King’s Fountain includes numerous integrative wellness solutions that ease the struggle with modern lifestyles by providing effective preventive and anti-aging treatments to optimize overall health. Treatments are available as individual sessions that can last one session or as part of defined programs that span from half a day to several days. Regardless of the chosen treatment type, all guests will enjoy an integrative wellness journey that will, in the long run, improve their overall lifestyle.

Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna uses infrared heat transmitted through heat-storing ceramics to induce intense sweating at a lower temperature compared to a traditional sauna. This heat is then distributed throughout the body, providing a pleasant sensation similar to sunlight without exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays.The main benefits of infrared sauna include: detoxification, weight loss and calorie burning, reduction of stress and fatigue, relief from muscle, arthritis and joint pain.


Cryotherapy is a regenerative therapy that stimulates the body’s self-healing abilities through the constriction and dilation of blood vessels due to exposure to extremely low temperatures. Cryotherapy can support the rejuvenation process both on the skin and mentally and physically, providing an endorphin rush that helps increase focus and improve cognitive functions.

The main benefits of cryotherapy include: strengthening the immune system, enhancing sports performance, accelerating muscle and sports injury recovery, alleviating pain associated with arthritis and potential prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is vital for the body’s energy exchange mechanism, detoxification, and cell regeneration. Increasing oxygen intake has incredible effects on the body, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy can enhance these processes by delivering cells 14 times more oxygen than they would typically receive.

The main benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy include: improved energy and vitality, enhanced brain function and memory, reduction of tension and stress levels, decreased fatigue and improved sleep and lung cleansing from pollutants.

Biohacking Orb

The Biohacking Orb is a multisensory chamber that utilizes neuro-acoustic sound therapy, applying specific sound frequencies combined with chromotherapy and aromatherapy to induce desired brain states, from stimulating creative thoughts to deep mental serenity, achieving enhanced mental and physical well-being.

The main benefits of biohacking orb include: improved brain performance, stimulation of creativity and positive thoughts, increased physical recovery, pain reduction and improved joint mobility and portable-Tech wellness.

Red Light Therapy

This non-invasive therapy uses LED light energy to activate natural cellular processes in the body, accelerating skin renewal and recovery. This therapy is recommended for skin recovery from sun damage, acne, eczema, dermatitis, inflammatory conditions, as well as wound healing and scar neutralization.

The main benefits of red light therapy include: enhanced wound healing and tissue regeneration by stimulating collagen and fibroblast production, improved bone healing and growth stimulation, reduction of cellular inflammation and increased blood circulation.

Lymphatic Pressotherapy

This therapy stimulates lymphatic drainage and cleanses the body of toxins by using alternating compression and relaxation of the body. This therapy has numerous benefits for the body, both in terms of physical and aesthetic improvements. It can be combined with other treatments such as facial, neck, and shoulder massage to enhance blood circulation in the face and body.

The main benefits of lymphatic pressotherapy include: reduction of swelling and stiffness, ideal after long flights, firm and toned skin, stimulation of the immune system, improved blood exchange and circulation and assists in toxin elimination.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy

PEMF technology emits electromagnetic waves of varying frequencies to stimulate and promote natural body recovery processes. PEMF enhances the body’s natural recovery processes, targeting areas affected by inflammation, fatigue, and pain, and restores healthy electromagnetic charges to cells.

The main benefits of PEMF include: improved circulation, increased energy levels, correction of cellular dysfunction and cellular energy replenishment, enhanced sports performance and faster recovery from injuries.

Targeted Cryotherapy

The immediate cooling effect on the skin during targeted cryotherapy leads to an immediate and beneficial constriction of blood vessels and cells, promoting detoxification and lymphatic drainage. Targeted cryotherapy offers numerous advantages, such as increased collagen production, cell regeneration, and reduction of skin inflammation.

The main benefits of targeted cryotherapy include: skin tightening and firming, improved blood circulation, relief from bodily pains and headaches, enhanced healing and rejuvenation of the skin and reduction of cellulite and improvement of skin tone.

Classic Treatments


There is a wide range of massages available for guests to choose from when visiting the wellness and spa center, inspired by both Eastern and Western cultures. Each massage targets different ailments, most commonly stress-related tension and pain in various parts of the body. The offered treatments include deep tissue massage, shiatsu massage, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, and recommended aromatherapy.

During the massages, the highest quality therapeutic oils are used, some of which contain various local herbal ingredients. Additionally, aromatherapy balms, CBD, and essential oils from around the world are also utilized. Massages form the foundation of every wellness and spa experience, and it is highly recommended to begin your wellness journey with a massage.

Body Treatments

The selection of body treatments offers a rich experience that may include wraps, packs, and exfoliations, using the best scientifically advanced substances to address various concerns. The combination of different natural preparations such as mud, peat, powerful local medicinal plants, and oils provides visible and tangible results.

All these treatments are an integral part of the luxurious experience for every guest who visits the wellness and spa center within the King’s Fountain complex. Body treatments can last from 60 to 90 minutes and can be individual treatments or part of a treatment set that includes numerous other services.

Facial Treatments

Similar to body treatments, facial treatments involve the use of various natural preparations based on local medicinal plants and oils. In combination with prestigious, medically tested cosmetics, they ensure safe and positive results. The choice of facial treatments is diverse, allowing guests to select the one that suits their desires and needs with appropriate recommendations from the professional staff.

Each treatment addresses specific guest concerns, but the overall benefit of each treatment is skin regeneration, prevention of aging signs, and stimulation of new, healthy cell production that alleviates specific skin problems. Regular facial treatments will help you appear more rested and refreshed, especially if you are exposed to daily stress and harmful substances that can affect the appearance and health of facial skin.

Relaxing Sauna Experience

Relaxing Sauna

By combining music and chromatherapy, the relaxing effect of heat takes on new dimensions. Although treatments in the relaxing sauna involve high temperatures, the temperature is slightly lower compared to a standard sauna, but gradually increases during the stay. The sauna treatment can be programmed to release water directly onto the heater, generating bursts of steam at specific time intervals accompanied by appropriate relaxing music.

The main benefits of relaxing sauna include: deep relaxation of the body and mind and release of neurotrophins from the brain – factors that promote neurogenesis.

Rain Room

The rain room offers a very unique experience, guiding guests through a series of cold showers that make this experience highly exhilarating. Within the rain room, guests encounter a light mist above their heads, followed by wall sprays, and the experience culminates with a special drenching that provides the coldest sensation. However, similar to the relaxing sauna, the temperature in the rain room gradually changes, gradually becoming colder.

The main benefits of rain room include: release of endorphins and hormones and increased sensory perception.

Multisensory Lounge

At the pinnacle of this meditative journey is the multisensory lounge, offering a unique experience for both the mind and body. The softly curved space with a domed ceiling and comfortable recliners helps you focus on numerous details, allowing you to perceive more vivid colors, sharper images, and enhance your memory capacity. This experience can be repeated, and the projected images can provide a completely new perspective with each visit.